Outside of Class

Jordan Golinkoff was in the Class of 2006 for a Master of Forestry, and Liz Forwand was in the Class of 2007 for a Master of Environmental Management. They didn’t meet until they signed up to a new student pot luck, and they talked a bit about what dishes they wanted to bring. Later, the sparks flew when they saw each other at a Duke Basketball campout, and they danced until late into the night together.

“My fondest memory of my time as a Duke student was getting to know so many other kindred spirits while at the same time learning more about the world around us,” Jordan said.

A couple sits together on some stairs.
A couple sits together on the stairs with their children.


Jordan and Liz are now married, and he is working as a data scientist at Pandora (“think music, not jewelry,” he says) and she is working as the Director of Business Process Quality Assurance at FairTrade USA.