Student Testimonials

Student Testimonials:

“I appreciate what you have done to make me write more, write better, and to write more happily. It is the kind of opportunity that I’ve sought for a long time. I didn’t think for a minute that I would find it in the program. Yet, I’ve written more volume and a greater variety in the last semester than ever before.” – DEL-MEM Student, Contemporary Environment Issues, Spring 2014.

“I love your class — stretches my mind and also develops my skills. Thank you!” – Judith L., DEL-MEM Student, Contemporary Environmental Issues, Spring 2014.

“Thanks you for the teaching the class in soil ecology.  I am deeply impressed with your scope of knowledge and depth of information.  I enjoyed your class very much–your teaching style is very approachable and relaxed.  Even though much of the content was new to me, you made it accessible.  I truly appreciate your incredible organization of the material, professional manner and accessible teaching methods.” — Native Plant Studies Certificate Student, North Carolina Botanical Garden, May 2011

“Nicolette was a teaching assistant for two classes I took last year at Duke University. Both classes were technical classes, with content that was difficult to grasp. What impressed me about Nicolette was her ability to help students (myself included) grasp understanding of the material. She is a patient teacher, and is able to teach difficult material with clarity. Above all, her passion for ecology and for teaching is evident when she works with students, a trait that I feel separates Nicolette from other teaching assistants I have worked with in the past.” — Kylan Frye , Graduate Student , Duke University, Sep. 2008

“[Nicki] has a genuine talent for teaching, and will make an excellent professor down the road. And from what I’ve heard from other students who have had a good number of TA’s in the past, everyone agrees that she is head and shoulders above the rest.” — Anonymous, Graduate Student, Duke University, Dec. 2003

“I felt that [Nicki] cared about our understanding of the material and how we were doing in the class more than any other TA I’ve had a Duke.”– Anonymous, Undergraduate Student, Duke University, Dec. 2003

“Nicki was the best TA I’ve had throughout my time her at Duke.” — Anonymous, Undergraduate Student, Duke University, Dec. 2003

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