Health and Safety


  • Local Police: Call 110 or text 110114.
  • Fire Department: Call 119.
  • Ambulance: Call 120.
  • DKU Campus Emergency Hotline: Campus Services staffs this 24/7 bilingual service available by calling (0512) 3665-7110.


The clinic in DKU provides basic primary care medical services and first aid to students. There are physicians and nurses onsite for walk-in care or arranged appointments. Student Health Services staff also refer students, as needed, to appropriate specialists at hospitals and clinics in the area. It also provides workshops that educate the campus community on public health issues and ways to prevent communicable diseases. For booking appointment, Please visit website For additional information, contact or visit Student Health Services, in Service Building 1024 (Mon-Fri from 9 am – 5 pm; it is open until 5:30 pm but appointments are allowed until 5 pm), at (0512) 3665-7228, at, or


If necessary, you can go to the following hospitals in Kunshan:

  • Kunshan No.1 People’s Hospital. Address: No. 91 Qian Jin West Road, Kunshan; Tel: (0512) 5753-1749
  • Kunshan No.1 People’s Hospital (Youyi Branch). Address: No.5 QingyangRoad; Tel: (0512) 5702-7200
  • Kunshan No.2 People’s Hospital. Address: No. 142 Zhongshan Road; Tel: (0512) 5753-9199
  • Kunshan No.3 People’s Hospital. Address: No. 615 Zizhu Road; Tel: (0512) 5779-0003
  • Kunshan Bacheng People’s hospital. Address: 2318 Zucongzhi Road; Tel: (0512) 5765-1285
  • Kunshan Jiangpu health service center. Address: 500 Wanbu road, Gaoxin District; Tel: (0512) 3682-3105
  • Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Address: No.189, Chaoyang Road, Yushan Town; Tel: (0512) 5792-8397
  • Jen Ching Memorial Hospital. Address: 999 East Qian Jin Road, Kunshan City; Tel: (0512) 5715-9999


During your stay at DKU you will be able to participate in the activities and services of CAPS, which is committed to creating an environment that is educationally inspiring, physically and psychologically safe, accessible, and accepting of all gender expressions and identities, of all races, ethnicities, nationalities, faith communities, and sexual orientations. Psychological and health services are provided and available to you. For additional information, contact or visit CAPS in Conference Center 2083 (9 am – 5 pm, Monday-Friday), at (0512) 3665-7829, at, or For mental health emergencies, please call the Campus Emergency Hotline at (0512) 3665-7110 (24-hr/days, 7-days/week).