Activities and Events Resources

Environmental Research Center (ERC)

The ERC has academic talks in-person and online. You will receive those invitations in your email, but you can also get information about these events following the iMEP WeChat account.

Career Service

You will receive emails from DKU Career Services about the workshops and talks they do. In addition, you can follow their WeChat account dku_careerservices.


In addition to providing access to academic journals, the Duke Kunshan Library holds workshops on how to improve academic research skills, and database management, among others.


To have access to the open classes in the gym, as well as other recreational events such as 5K runs, as well as hiking, and rock-climbing events, among others, please follow in WeChat the Account of DKU Athletics. In addition, you will have access to the bike rental, intramural events, and DKU Mobility to get prizes.

Chinese Language Courses

Duke Kunshan University encourages those students whose first language is not Chinese to use WLS (Writing and Language Studio) for one-on-one Mandarin coaching. Most international students found the language learning experience at Duke Kunshan not only improved their communication skills but also helped build a more connected community. Welcome to contact or visit the LCC in the first floor of the Conference Center or for more information.

Campus Engagement

You can join different clubs related to arts and performance; cultural and community service; professional and academic; sports; and student-run groups. Please follow them in WeChat as DKU Campus Engagement.

Student Affairs

For more information about athletics, campus engagement, campus health services, psychology services, and residence life, please visit the Student Affairs webpage.


For information related to DKU Card, DKU Codes, and invoices, follow the WeChat account DKU Services.

For information related to alumni talks and networking, follow the WeChat account DKU Alumni.

For information related to the iMEP program, follow the WeChat account “昆山杜克环境” (Kushan Duke Huanjing).

For information related to other campus resources, visit this website.

For information related to campus activities and student life, follow the WeChat account “DKU Net 校园组织活动百事通” and “汤姆工具箱 Tom Toombox” (please use mobile WeChat to open this link).