Finish Application on Your Own

If you are going to submit your Visa application, go to health check and apply for residence permit on your own, please refer to the guide below.

The Public Security Bureau requires all international students to register with the local police station within 24 hours after your arrival at the University. Bring your passport to the police station near your residence to do this.

Required Documents: Original passport; Original medical report and one copy; A copy of your passport and a copy of the visa page & entry stamp; A passport-sized photo, must have a pure white background.

Fees: 400RMB for residency of less than one year; 800RMB for one to less than three years (including one year); 1000RMB for three to five years (including three years).

Health Check includes following items:

Lab tests: Blood routine, urine routine, biochemical examination, infectious diseases (HBV, HCV, HIV, syphilis)

Physical examinations: Internal medicine check, surgery check, general check (BP, Pulse, Body Temperature, Weight, Height, BMI), ENT check, ophthalmology check, abdominal B-ultrasound, ECG, chest X-ray scan.

If the student needs to complete the health check in your home country, they need to bring both the original data and the medical report (e.g., Lab test reports including the data of the tests; the original picture of X-ray scan, doctor’s diagnoses and signature) to the designated hospital when you arrive Kunshan in order to obtain an approved certificate. The fee will be reduced in that case, but you may still be required to do some checks that have not been covered by your current report. The validity of a health check certificate is six months.

Required Materials: 500 RMB; 3 passport photos (recent 2-inch photos, full face without hat); Passport & passport copy (Photo page and visa page).

Address and how to get there: 体检地址电话,公交/taxi

Important note: Applicants need to fast (consume no food or water) for at least eight hours before the health check.