Basic Math: Algebra and Other Foundational Concepts



In order to succeed in ENV710, you should have a working knowledge of the basic concepts and principles of mathematics and algebra.  These concepts/principles are outlined in the learning objectives.   If you need to strengthen your understanding of these concepts, please click on the links below to review the material.


Learning Objectives


1.  Knowledge of common Greek letters/symbols used in statistics


2.  Understand the concepts of significant digits and rounding.


3.  Manipulate exponents with their basic rules


4.  Manipulate logarithms with their basic rules


5.  Calculate and simplify factorials.


6.  Understand algebraic manipulations including linear equations and simultaneous equations.


Sample Problems


Once you have reviewed the six modules above, take a stab at these practice problems.


 1.  True or False:  ln(8) = ln(4) + ln(4)


2.  Simplify:  6!/8!


3.  What is the slope of the line  3x + 5y = 10?


4.  Solve for x and y:

                    10x + 3y = 20

                    5x –   2y = 10




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