Prospective Students

Prospective Students

Welcome!  If you are a prospective student, here are the pages for you:

Start with…

the official Nicholas School (NSOE) website.  Confusingly, its Admissions and Career Center pages and menus currently apply mostly to NSOE’s in-house departments, which work almost exclusively with professional master’s students.  The versions of these departments that handle NSOE PhDs are housed within the Duke Graduate School.  However, the NSOE website has useful general information about the school, including a faculty directory which may help you select a prospective adviser.  Note that many faculty have lab websites hosted off the official Duke and NSOE websites; when in doubt, Google.

PhD program-specific:


Confusingly, NSOE’s in-house Admissions department only processes applications for the Master’s of Environmental Management (MEM) degree.  Some of their general information about the school still applies, but you will need to apply through Duke Graduate School Admissions.

Feel free to contact student representatives on NPAC with questions.