Handbooks and How-To’s

Handbooks and How-To’s

Existing compilations of the information you need to be a PhD student at NSOE:

Your number 1 resource:

The NSOE Doctoral Handbook 

Broad handbooks and lists of resources that are currently maintained:

For specific PhD programs:

Old, but still useful:

  • NSOE Doctoral Handbook: pdf from the 2009-2010 school year.  As you would expect, this handbook is well out of date; please do not rely on it for official program requirements or anything similarly important.  However, much of it remains useful, and it can point you to resources which still exist.
  • Nickipedia‘s “PhD’s: Helpful Info: resources compilation by past NSOE PhD students, apparently made to complement the above doctoral handbook at around the same time.  This mostly abandoned crowd-edited site still has useful tidbits you won’t find elsewhere, like a library of past prelim proposals.