Green Roof and Orchard Workforce (GROW) at NSOE

Green Roof and Orchard Workforce (GROW) at NSOE

This is the home page for Duke faculty, staff, and students interested in learning about and/or helping with our native and edible landscapes around Environment Hall. Specifically, we engage with the areas mapped below:

Map of GROW Areas

  1. The Orchard
  2. The Country Road and Slope
  3. The Front Yard
  4. The Rooftop Garden

Our mission is to work with Duke Grounds on the edible plantings in these areas, to educate our community about them, and to enjoy their produce! Specific categories of tasks include:

  • Regular maintenance: To successfully have a “no-chemicals” approach, we must do regular weeding and other activities.
  • Special occasion work or training events: We organize occasional events to mulch, combat invasives, bag leaves, prune fruit trees, manage disease, etc.
  • Field trips: We hope to organize tours of our own sites, of other Campus sites (such as the Cancer Center 4th floor herb garden), or of sites off-campus (such as Brooks Composting – the commercial facility Duke uses).
  • Communication/education: We educate our community about the plantings, their care, and their harvest, and will install signage for each landscape area as we see fit.