Resources and Administration

Resources and Administration

The edible landscape areas around Environment Hall are managed by GROW, a student organization that aims to bring students, faculty, and staff together over a love for sustainable gardening.

Student Leaders 2017-2018

  • Maddie Atkins & Rachel Brinks, Co-Presidents
  • Bobbi Lesser, Financial Officer
  • Maddie McMillian, Events Coordinator
  • Schuyler DeBree, Communications Officer

As a club, we also rely heavily on the knowledge and resources provided by our expert faculty and staff.

Faculty and Staff:

  • Katie Rose Levin, Natural Resource Manager, Duke Facilities Management Department (FMD)
  • Tavey Capps, Director, Sustainable Duke
  • Casey Roe, Education Coordinator, Sustainable Duke
  • Andrew Currin, Campus Horticulturist
  • Mark Hough, Campus Landscape Architect
  • Nicolette Cagle, NSOE Lecturer
  • Nancy Kelly, Director of Nicholas Community Engagement & Events
  • John Robinson, Assistant Dean for Information Services