Principal Investigator

Nicolas Cassar
Associate Professor
tel. +1 919.681.8865

Research Scholars

Yajuan Lin
Postdoctoral Fellow

Postdoctoral Fellows

Hugo Berthelot
Postdoctoral Fellow  (LabexMER IUEM)

Debany Fonseca Pereira Batista
Postdoctoral Fellow  (co-advised with Julie Laroche & Doug Wallace, Ocean Frontier Institute)

Ph.D. Candidates

Weiyi Tang
Ph.D. Candidate

Seaver Wang
Ph.D. Candidate

Alexandria Niebergall
Ph.D. Candidate

Shuai Gu
Ph.D. Candidate

Visiting students

Yibin Huang
Ph.D. Candidate

Outreach Partner

Trish Lemm
Museum of Life and Science

Coauthorship map

Past Members

Zuchuan Li
Ph.D. NASA GSRP Fellow
Now: Postdoctoral fellow at WHOI

Adam Ulfsbo
Postdoctoral Fellow (The Swedish Research Council Formas)
Now: Postdoctoral fellow at the University of Gothenburg

Jiayun Zhou, PhD
Postdoctoral fellow

Rachel Eveleth, PhD
Ph.D. , NSF GRFP Fellow
Now: Assistant Professor at Oberlin College

Kuan Huang, PhD
Now: Picarro

Chueh-Hsin (Shing) Chang, PhD
Visiting Research Scholar
Now: Research Scholar at National Taiwan University

Bruce Barnett
Laboratory Research Analyst

Dr. Jonathan Karr
Former lab manager
Now: Duke Env. Stable Isotope Lab

Farnaz Nojavan
Ph.D. Candidate

Cameron Setzer
Undergraduate Student

Corinne Walden
Undergraduate Student

Julia Hazel
Undergraduate Student
Now: Graduate student at UCLA

Jaime Frungillo
MEM student