New Security Beat, Erika Weinthal & Jeannie Sowers / March 12, 2019

In many Middle Eastern wars, targeting civilian infrastructure has become all too common. As we documented ...
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Conflict and Environment Observatory / March 1, 2019

With the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip entering its sixth decade, a peace settlement looks increasingly unlikely. A new study looks at the impacts of the prolonged occupation ...
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Middle East Monitor / February 20, 2019

Researchers at Duke University and the University of New Hampshire have examined how “Israel’s targeting of agricultural, water and energy infrastructures in the West Bank and Gaza Strip has had dire  ...
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Geneva Water Hub / November 9, 2018

The Conference will cover the multiple challenges of the nexus between water, peace and security both from the science ...
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Water Front / August 31, 2018
Andreas Karlsson

The relationship between water and peace was explored during three Political drivers for sustainable ecosystems sessions yesterday. With ...
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New Security Beat / October 24, 2017
Jeannie Sowers, Erika Weinthal & Neda Zawahri

Six years of brutal warfare have destroyed basic infrastructure in Yemen, Libya, and Syria. While U.S. and European governments ...
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Nature Middle East / September 30, 2017
Kira Walker

The targeting of environmental infrastructure in war has become an end in itself, with long-term implications for human welfare and ecosystems. ...
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UNH Today / September 25, 2017
Rory O'Neil

The destruction of essential infrastructure. Cholera outbreaks. A public health crisis.

Any one of these might seem overwhelming, but these are just some of the issues that make up the day-to-day reality throughout conflict zones in Yemen and Syria. This state of affairs, seemingly so far-removed from ...
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University of New Hampshire, College of Liberal Arts / May 24, 2017
Susan Dumais

Jeannie Sowers, associate professor of political science, has been awarded a two-year grant from the Gerda Henkel Stiftung Foundation for her project, “Targeting Environmental Infrastructures: Water, Energy, and Civilians in the New Middle Eastern Wars,” with Prof. Erika Weinthal at Duke University. The foundation ... 
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