The Targeting of Infrastructure in the Middle East project explores the targeting of environmental infrastructures by different actors involved in war-making in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Specifically, this research analyzes the targeting of critical water, sanitation, energy, health, and transportation infrastructures in the new wars in the MENA through several approaches and methods. We are building a database that codes targeting of infrastructure in the post-2011 conflict zones of Syria, Yemen, and Libya as well as in more protracted cases of conflict, including Israel, Palestine, Iraq, and Lebanon. We are using the data collected to generate mappings and visualizations of infrastructure targeting. The project also examines (1) how international humanitarian law and international environmental law have evolved to address the targeting of environmental infrastructures and civilian impacts; (2) how repeated cycles of targeting affects the ability of humanitarian actors to deliver assistance; and (3) the long-term impacts of targeting of environmental infrastructure on human security and ecosystem health.