Episode 25 – The WOW Project: Sailing Towards a Future in Renewable Energy

In this episode, Nora Ives sits down with faculty member Dr. Doug Nowacek to discuss his newly awarded Department of Energy funded WOW project, which stands for wildlife and offshore wind. Nora and Doug discuss some of the potential impacts of offshore wind on wildlife, mitigation measures, and goals of the WOW project.  Part of The F-Files series.


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Faculty Focus

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Dr. Doug Nowacek is the Randolph K. Repass and Sally-Christine Rodgers University Distinguished Professor of Conservation Technology in Environment and Engineering. His research is focused on the link between acoustic and motor behavior in marine mammals, primarily cetaceans and manatees, specifically, how they use sound in ecological processes. The cetaceans, or whales and dolphins, are divided into two main groups, the toothed whales (odontocetes) and the baleen whales (mysticetes). One of his specific areas of research is the use of echolocation and foraging behavior in one of the odontocetes, the bottlenose dolphin. Another focus is  the effect(s) of anthropogenic noise on marine mammals.



Series Host

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Nora Ives, Master in Environmental Management.

Nora is a Masters student studying coastal environmental management at Duke University. She co-produces the F-Files with Stephanie Hillsgrove.  She’s worked as an educator in the Blue Ridge and Rocky Mountains, and as a Marine Naturalist and First Mate in Maui. She’s happiest when working on or for the oceans, and very pleased to combine her prior experience as a theater director in New York City with her passion for the seas while working on this podcast.