Episode 22 – Fisheries sustainability and seafood security

This episode features an interview with Duke Professor Martin Smith by The Doorstep, a podcast by the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs. Hosts Nikolas K. Gvosdev and Tatiana Serafin interviewed Marty in April 2021, on topics of fisheries sustainability, food security, and ocean governance generally.  Their conversation ranges widely, from new policy initiatives of the Biden administration to old policy legacies of the cold war.  It is ‘on topic’ for Seas the Day and we are grateful to The Doorstep for permission to republish it here .  Regular listeners may remember Marty from episode 3 of Seas the Day, when he was interviewed by Kendall Jeffferys and Lauren Mariolis on the future of aquaculture.


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The Doorstep

We are grateful to The Doorstep for allowing us to republish this episode in Seas the Day.  The Doorstep is an international news podcast that tackles a variety of global issues and their relevance in local politics.  Check out other episodes, on topics including the United National, TikTok, and cryptocurrency.

About Martin Smith

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Martin Smith is the Woodwell Distinguished Professor of Environmental Economics, in the Nicholas School of Environment, at Duke. He studies the economics of the oceans, including fisheries, marine ecosystems, seafood markets, and coastal climate adaptation. He has written on a range of policy-relevant topics, including economics of marine reserves, seasonal closures in fisheries, ecosystem-based management, catch shares, nutrient pollution, aquaculture, genetically modified foods, the global seafood trade, organic agriculture, coastal property markets, and coastal responses to climate change. He is best known for identifying unintended consequences of marine and coastal policies that ignore human behavioral feedbacks. Smith’s methodological interests span micro-econometrics, optimal control theory, time series analysis, and numerical modeling of coupled human-natural systems.

Twitter: @MartySmithDuke