Cross-Disciplinary Small Grants

Cross-Disciplinary Small Grants

The Cross-Disciplinary Small Grants Application is now open!  Please see the attached documents for more information regarding the 2018 application, as well as the required letter of support to be signed by all primary advisors of each collaborator.

NPAC Grant Application Guidelines 2018

Sample Advisor Letter of Support

What is the NPAC Cross-Disciplinary Small Grant?These are grants intended to be exploratory and interdisciplinary: a chance to pursue cross-disciplinary questions with other colleagues in the Nicholas School.  Proposed projects should be realistic in scope, and proposed budgets no more than $1500.

Potential opportunities might include:

  • Collecting novel data for a project related to, but not currently part of, your thesis
  • Incorporating a collaborator’s policy research or risk assessment to jointly expand upon the implications of a scientific finding
  • Funding access to computing resources to apply your lab-derived environmental relationship to your collaborator’s regional ecology model
  • Exploring novel intersections between fields

Possible uses of funds may include:

  • Purchase of datasets or working toward data collection
  • Sending a student into the field
  • Pursuing a joint publication
  • Purchasing equipment for collaborative work
  • Hosting a cross-disciplinary workshop


Funds may not be used for conference travel or student stipends/salaries.

Awardees are expected to present their work at the 2019 Nicholas School PhD Research Symposium.

Who is eligible?

One project co-investigator must be enrolled in an NSOE-PhD program.  Groups are welcome to include master’s students who are in the Nicholas School.  For groups with more than 3 PhD students, we ask that two or more are enrolled in NSOE-PhD programs.  Collaborates may not have the same advisor.

NPAC envisions the Small Grants Program to be compatible with other sources of funding.  We recommend you pursue opportunities offered by funding sources from Duke, such as the Office for Interdisciplinary Studies, Bass Connections, or Data+.

Proposal Submission

All materials are due March 18th by 11:59 pm.

Materials should be submitted to

Only one application per project.

Proposals will be reviewed by a panel of Nicholas School faculty on basis of scientific merit, innovation, feasibility, and value of proposed collaboration.  Applicants will be notified in mid-April whether their projects have been selected for funding.


Please contact us with any questions!


NPAC Small Grants Committee

Bobby Harris,

Kristen Overdahl,

Muye Ru,

Jillian Wisse,