Yibin joined the Cassar Lab as a visiting student in the fall of 2018. He graduated in 2014 from Xiamen University, China with a bachelor’s degree with Marine Biology and then became a Ph.D candidate in Environmental Sciences.

Yibin ’s research interests are the biological pump and global climate change, particularly focusing on carbon export and the response of microbial metabolism to ocean acidification. He is excited to combine incubation approach and shipboard measurements of net community production to gain more insight into the metabolic state and associated controlling factors of the sunlight ocean.

In his spare time, Yibin enjoys swimming, cooking, playing basketball and Pingpo.

Peer-reviewed publications:

  1. Huang, Y., Liu, X., Laws, Chen, B., Li, Y., Xie, Y., Wu, Y., Gao, K.. Effects of increasing atmospheric CO2 on the marine phytoplankton and bacterial metabolism during a bloom: A coastal mesocosm study. Science of the Total Environment. 2018.
  2. Huang, Y., Yang, B., Chen, B., Qiu, G., Wang, H., Huang, B., 2018. Net community production in the South China Sea Basin estimated from in situ O2 measurements on an Argo profiling float. Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers. 2018.
  3. Huang, Y., Chen, B., Zhou, H., and Yu. Z., Huang, B., Potential overestimation of community respiration in the western Pacific boundary ocean: what cause the putative net heterotrophy in oligotrophic systems? (submitted)