“Tlalocan. Water Paradise” Film screening and lunch conversation with Christine Siebe



Please join us for a short film screening and lunch talk with PhD. Christine Siebe we will have a discussion about water scarcity and the anthropogenic effects on water and soil.

When: Thursday, March 31, 12 pm

Where: Environmental Hall, 4100 (450 Research Dr, Durham, NC 27708)

CHRISTINA SIEBE is a member of the working group on Soils and Environment, which investigates soil-water-air-plant interactions and their modifications by human activities. She has studied the effects of long term irrigation with untreated wastewater, changes in stocks and dynamics of soil organic carbon due to land use change, and the behavior of several inorganic and organic pollutants introduced to soils by mining and industrial activities.  More info: http://www.geologia.unam.mx/en/our-people/siebe-grabach-cd

Article:  Siebe & Cifuentes 1994 (Overview environmental impact WW irrigation Mezquital%2c Mexico)

About the film:

Title: “Tlalocan. Paraíso del agua / Tlalocan. Water Paradise” (BY ANDRES PULICO, 2016), 30MIN.


Mexico City was built on a lake, but today it faces serious water scarcity. This film leads us across diverse places that allow us to reflect on this contradiction. It’s also a journey through time, to the moment when a huge monolith representing Tlaloc – a pre-Hispanic aquatic deity – was transported to the center of the city. At the same time, the biggest lake of the valley was being drained.

Free lunch provided!

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