Current Executive Board (2023-2024) 

Sally Jernigan-Smith, President (sally.jernigan-smith@duke.edu)

Candela Cerpa, Vice President (candela.cerpa@duke.edu)

Alejandra Jaramillo, Treasurer & UNC Liaison (ale.jaramillo@duke.edu)

Kimberly Ludeña, Secretary (kimberly.ludena@duke.edu)

Chrissie Pantoja,  PhD Representative (chrissie.pantoja@duke.edu)

Marissa Alba Naclerio, Event Chair (marissa.naclerio@duke.edu)

Brooke Rose, Communications Chair (brooke.rose@duke.edu)

Executive Board (2022-2023) 

Chrissie Pantoja, Co-President (chrissie.pantoja@duke.edu)

Alejandra del Campo, Co-President (alejandra.del.campo.farro@duke.edu)

Sally Jernigan-Smith, Vice President & Student Event Manager (sally.jernigan-smith@duke.edu)

Ana Gargollo, Secretary (ana.gargollo.garcia.rendon@duke.edu)

Kristen Pulley, Treasurer (kristen.pulley@duke.edu)

Alejandra Jaramillo, Social Media Co-Chair (ale.jaramillo@duke.edu)

Alex Urbina, Social Media Co-Chair (alexandria.urbina@duke.edu)

Executive Board (2017-2018)

Gloria Aldana, Co-President (gloria.aldana@duke.edu)

Ricardo Zaragoza, Co-President (ricardo.zaragoza.castillo@duke.edu)

Carley Reynolds, Secretary (carley.reynolds@duke.edu)

Devyn Parks, Treasurer (devyn.parks@duke.edu)

Emeritus Leadership

Mauricio Hernandez, Student Coordinator


Jennifer Finley, Student Coordinator


Faculty Facilitators

Jennifer Swenson Professor of the Practice of Geospatial Analysis, Duke University

Elizabeth Shapiro Professor of the Practice of Environmental Policy, Duke University


Established over a decade ago, the Working Group on the Environment in Latin America is evidence of the continued enthusiasm for understanding environmental problems in Latin America. Over the years The Working Group has hosted numerous conferences, prominent speakers, and discussion group meetings.

WGELA has made it a priority for researchers in the Triangle, both at the PhD and Masters level an opportunity for to showcase their results and receive valuable feedback. Three to four times a year, WGELA will bring in experts in the environmental field from across the Americas to present their research to our community.

Working group meetings are typically held once every month.  This year we will be alternating group meetings between the campuses of Duke, UNC and NC State.  Please check the Consortium website calendar for current events: http://latinamericancaribbean.duke.edu/