Coffee Talk with Ernesto Mendez

The Working Group for Environment in Latin America (WGELA) will be hosting a talk about coffee production in Latin America on Thursday, November 29th at 5:00pm in the LSRC room A247.  The speakers will be Ernesto Mendez, associate professor of agroecology and environmental studies from the University of Vermont, and Kim Elena Loenscu, sustainability manager for Counter Culture Coffee. 
Dr. Mendez will be discussing his work on the interactions and tradeoffs between food security, environmental conservation and coffee production for smallholders and cooperatives.  Ms.Lonescu will present a brief overview coffee sustainability issues in Latin America as well as projects that Counter Culture has sponsored and collaborations they are involved in currently.
The presentations will be followed by a coffee tasting of some of Counter Culture’s delicious Latin American coffees and a short panel discussion by the speakers.  Food will be provided!

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