New Alumni Council Fellows to Administer Alumni-Student Mentorship Program

This year’s Alumni Council Fellows (L-R): Sarah Vondracek MEM’19, Emma Fulop MEM’19, and Jeffrey Meltzer MEM’19

The 2018 Alumni Council Fellows will facilitate this year’s Alumni-Student Mentorship Program, now in its second year, in an effort to foster new relationships and re-connect alumni with Duke and the Nicholas School.

The three new Alumni Council Fellows include Emma Fulop MEM’19 (Ecosystem Science and Conservation), Jeffrey Meltzer MEM’19 (Business and Environment), and Sarah Vondracek MEM’19 (Energy and Environment). The school awards the fellowship to three students each year to continuing professional degree students who demonstrate exemplary leadership, character, and career and professional development preparation. “I’m looking forward to helping my peers take advantage of NSOE’s strong alumni network. I want these students to experience support both within the school and outside of it as they pursue current interests and discover new ones,” says Fulop.

The Alumni-Student Mentorship Program — like it’s name implies — aims to provide students the ability to build professional skills and connect with alumni working in their field of interest through regular alumni-student meetings held throughout the year, whether digitally or in-person.

After a successful launch in 2017, this year’s fellows will look to build on the program’s strong start. “Last year’s group did an exemplary job with the program. I’m confident this new group will be just as effective, and perhaps even add to the number of alumni-student connections they’re able to make,” says Glenda Lee, Director of Alumni Engagement, who manages the fellows each year.

Current fellow Jeffrey Meltzer is in a unique position where — while he’s now working on administering the program — he was a program participant during it’s pilot year. “The program was extremely valuable to me. I was able to build a relationship with my mentor and focus more on my personal and professional development than I had been able to through other one-off informational interviews. I’m excited to now give back to the program as an Alumni Council Fellow,” says Meltzer.

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