Rachel Cohn

While North Carolina has always been home, the periods of time I spent away from main campus at the Duke Marine Lab and abroad solidified my penchant for big-picture, interdisciplinary, and human-conscious marine conservation. I am driven by questions of fisheries management efficacy and socio-ecological resilience, but my passion for the complex spans the fields of environmental justice, reef ecology, sustainability science, and more.

Through this journey, I have been fortunate enough to work with incredible people on small-scale fisheries conservation in Baja California, confronting environmental injustices in Vietnam, Morocco, and Bolivia, and the implementation of a community-based fishing cooperative in Palau, where I also did research that culminated in my senior thesis: The social and ecological impacts of small-scale MPAs in Palau (co-advised by Xavier Basurto and Brian Silliman).

I graduated from Duke with a BS in Biology and Environmental Science & Policy in May 2019, and am currently working as a data technician for the Co-lab on the Illuminating Hidden Harvest project, which aims to shed light on the multifaceted and interdisciplinary impacts of small-scale fisheries, globally. Aside from research, I am an avid diver, chef, plant parent, and playlist crafter.