Aaron Ramus

RamusI am a native of Beaufort, NC and hold a BS in Biology from UNC. As a Bookhout Research Scholar, I worked with Tom Schultz to begin the development of microsatellite loci for the pen shell Atrina tuberculosa. These microsatellite markers will ultimately be used to help answer questions about the structure and connectivity of pen shell metapopulations in the Gulf of California, and, ideally, provide insight into the sustainability of the artisanal fisheries occurring in this region as well. During this time, I also worked with Xavier on a preliminary investigation of pen shell growth rates, which are largely unreported, using the local pen shell Atrina rigida. Currently, I am wrapping up my MS thesis at UNCW. My thesis project experimentally manipulated macroalgal diversity to investigate how it influences the stability of consumers in benthic marine communities.


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