Why Major in EOS? – Nicholas School Undergraduate Programs

Why Major in EOS?

EOS majors are first and foremost trained in the fundamentals of the science of the Earth.  Our courses emphasize what we know about the Earth system and how we know it, as well as what we do not know and how we might go about to find out.  Students learn the myriad ways in which scientists study our planet: from field methods, to laboratory techniques, to data analysis.

Our bachelor of science degree (B.S.) curriculum in Earth and Ocean Science is designed for students seeking a career in the sciences and specifically prepares them for further graduate studies in geology, climatology, oceanography, natural resources, and/or hydrology.   If you want to be part of the community that will provide the data and knowledge upon which future environmental policy will be based, EOS provides a ready gateway for you.

Science should also inform our economic, political, and social policies and decisions.   Our bachelor of arts (A.B.) degreee recognizes the great need for an increasingly scientifically literate citizen.  Students seeking a dual-major that will give them a solid foundation from which to make science-informed decisions in the realms of business, human health, or public service, are well served by our flexible A.B. curriculum.