PHY 141LA. General Physics – Nicholas School Undergraduate Programs

PHY 141LA. General Physics

Curriculum Code: NS, QS | Credit: 1.0 course (4 credit/semester hours) | Course Travel?: No

Prerequisites: One year of college calculus (or equivalent) such as Math 105L, 106L, or 21. Math 122 recommended.

First part of a two-semester, calculus-based, physics survey course for students planning study in medicine or the life sciences. Topics: kinematics, dynamics, systems of particles, conservation laws, statics, gravitation, fluids, oscillations, mechanical waves, sound, thermal physics, laws of thermodynamics. For credit, enrollment in Physics 141L and a lab/recitation (Physics 141L9, 141D) section required. Students planning to major in physics should enroll in Physics 161L, 162L in their freshman year. Closed to students having credit for Physics 151L, 153L, or 161L.

Instructors: Tyndall (fall), Brown (summer)