Marine Science & Conservation – Nicholas School Undergraduate Programs

Marine Science & Conservation

We are proud to be a part of the Nicholas School of the Environment and we embrace being part of a great research university.  At the same time, we offer an experience that is different (and saltier) than on main campus.  We invite you to join us here for a unique educational and research experience at the southern tip of the Outer Banks. The courses offered at the Marine Lab are a part of the Trinity undergraduate curriculum at Duke University, there is no application required for Duke undergraduates to study at the Marine Lab.  

The Division of Marine Science and Conservation works at the forefront of understanding marine environmental systems, their conservation, and governance. Located primarily at the Duke University Marine Laboratory in Beaufort, N.C., we emphasize small classes, intensive research experiences, immersion in field work, and the opportunity to sample other maritime environments through our signature travel classes.  We encourage all our students to become engaged citizens who will strive to make the world a better place. 

While many students who take undergraduate courses with us go on to careers in marine science, policy or conservation, many others pursue careers in a wide range of different fields, including medicine, law, engineering, public service, education or management.  What they learn here prepares them for success wherever their talent leads them.  

Our faculty and students — including undergraduates, conduct multi-faceted and inter-disciplinary research, reflecting the complex problems faced by the world’s oceans. We think across boundaries, not just within the natural sciences, but across natural and social sciences and humanities. Our faculty and alumni are leaders in analyzing, developing and implementing policy at the local, national and international levels.