ENVIRON 445A. Marine Climate Change – Nicholas School Undergraduate Programs

ENVIRON 445A. Marine Climate Change

Curriculum Code: EI, NS, STS | Credit: 1.0 course (3 credit/semester hours) | Course Travel?: No

Explore the science of climate change with a focus on climate change impacts on marine ecosystems and inhabitants – specifically ocean acidification, warming and sea level rise. Students will learn about factors causing climate change, and how those vary spatially. The class will critically examine climate change modeling using EdGCM (a research-grade Global Climate Model with a user-friendly interface that can be run on a desktop computer), focusing on how scientists use models, observations and theory to make predictions about future climate and the assumptions and uncertainty implicit in this modeling. The course will also address climate-sensitive Polar ecosystems and marine mammal populations, which may be specifically impacted by climate change. In addition to ecosystem impacts of climate change, this course will discuss potential human impacts including the consequences of sea level rise and potential increases in disease due to climate changes.

Crosslist: Public Policy 445A