ENVIRON 335LA. Unoccupied Aircraft Systems in Scientific Research – Nicholas School Undergraduate Programs

ENVIRON 335LA. Unoccupied Aircraft Systems in Scientific Research

Instructor: David William Johnston | Curriculum Code: NS, STS |Credit: 1.0 course (4 credit/semester hours) | Course Travel?: No

The use of unoccupied aircraft systems  (UAS) is changing how marine scientists collect data on animals and the environments they inhabit.  This course introduces students to the basics of using UAS in marine environments, presenting examples of existing and emerging applications, detailing the types of sensors used for marine applications, describes the sampling complexities of the marine environment, and provides and overview of typical workflows and data management., Details on regulatory and permitting requirements to fly UAS and legally and safely are also covered. The lab portion of the course will focus on basic aeronautics, flight planning and simulations, and the design, assembly, operation and maintenance of unoccupied aerial vehicles.

Additional information for the Summer 2016 course: This course will be taught on Tuesdays and Fridays. Students enrolled in this course may take another Monday/Wednesday/Thursday course (Marine Mammals, Sea Turtles, or Marine Ecology)