ENVIRON 314. Managing the Oceans to Solve Global Problems – Nicholas School Undergraduate Programs

ENVIRON 314. Managing the Oceans to Solve Global Problems

Instructors: Steve Roady 
Curriculum Code: EI, SS
Credit: 1 unit
Course Travel?: No
Prerequisite: No

This course focuses on the importance of the oceans in addressing some of the central problems facing the world, including poverty, hunger, access to energy, climate change, and biodiversity loss.  We explain the fundamental role the oceans could play in solving these problems, depending on the design and implementation of the public policies created to manage their use.  In addition, we explore the range of treaties, laws, and customs that currently shape efforts to maximize the ability of the oceans to provide solutions.

This course will introduce students to important laws and policies that make the resources and services provided by the ocean more resilient and sustainable.  Students will emerge with a basic grasp of the principal legal and policy mechanisms that support reducing greenhouse gas emissions and protecting the oceans and coasts through adaptation and marine resilience in the face of human drivers of change.   We will explore such challenges as protecting corals, regulating fishing and pollution, and helping climate refugees.