BIOLOGY 201LA. Gateway to Biology: Molecular Biology – Nicholas School Undergraduate Programs

BIOLOGY 201LA. Gateway to Biology: Molecular Biology

EOS-102-300x300Introduces major concepts in biology through the lens of molecular biology. Molecular mechanisms that comprise the Central Dogma and variants. DNA structure and function, replication, transcription, and translation. Protein synthesis, folding, structure and function. Supporting topics related to the structure of cells, metabolism and energetics. Integration of physical and quantitative principles to molecular biology. Relevance to human diseases and the biotechnology industry. Laboratory includes an introduction to recombinant DNA technology.

Molecular Biology 201LA is limited to approximately 18 students in Summer Term I. Instructor: Thomas Fred SchultzCurriculum Code: NS, STS. Credit: 1.0 course (4 credit/semester hours). Course Travel?: No. Prerequisites: Chemistry 101DL. or equivalent (introductory chemistry)