AB in Earth and Ocean Sciences – Nicholas School Undergraduate Programs

AB in Earth and Ocean Sciences

The Bachelor of Arts (AB) in Earth and Ocean Sciences is designed for those students who wish to have a fundamental understanding of the Earth system in support of a primary career in business, law, economics, education, political science, public policy, or human health. As earth system scientists we believe that current and future challenges of a sustainable global economy, international policy, and global health can only be met with a thorough scientific understanding of the Earth System.

A list of EOS courses is available hereA full list of ALL ENV/EOS courses is available here

Students who receive the A.B. degree in Earth and Ocean Sciences may follow many different career paths, including:

  • Research at government agencies or in the nonprofit world
  • Policy advising in government agencies or think tanks
  • Science or nature writing or publishing
  • K-12 teaching
  • Science curriculum development
  • Outdoor education
  • Interpretation at museums and state or national parks
  • They may also attend a professional school in law, business, public policy, etc., using their undergraduate major as the basis for a sub specialization.

Required courses include:

Math (105L and 106L) or 111L or 122L

Choose one course from two of the subject areas (no more than one course per subject area):
Biology 201L or 202L or 206L Chemistry 101DL (21) or 110DL Physics 141L (26 or 26)

Gateway Course:
EOS 101 orEOS 102

Required Major Requirements:
Any six EOS courses, of which five must be 200-level or higher

Three additional 200-level or higher courses in either Earth and Ocean Sciences or related fields (e.g., Biology, Environment, Evolutionary Anthropology, Math, Physics or Statistics), as approved by the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

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