Multirotor Platforms

FreeFly CineStar 6

The CineStar is a professional heavy lift multi-rotor UAV. Extensive R&D has been invested in the CineStar to create a reliable and robust system for aerial video and photo professionals, allowing for long flight times, heavy payloads and smooth footage.

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MicroKopter HexaXL

Designed for a payload of up to 1500g. Quiet flight characteristics ideal for photo or video recording.

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3D Robotics Solo

The Solo is a four-propeller platform that was designed as a companion to the GoPro Hero. Shorter flight times and easy maneuverability allow for fine scale data collection.

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3D Robotics Iris+

The Iris+ quadcoptor can be radio-controlled, or follow a flight plan through GPS waypoint navigation. The platform can land itself automatically, and carry up to 400g of payload.

FreeFly Alta 6

The ALTA 6 is a hexa-rotor drone used for aerial imaging. A quick release gimbal system allows for a variety of payload options with a maximum payload of 15 lbs.

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Parrot Bebop2

The lightweight Bebop2 quadcoptor can maintain up to 25 minutes of flight time and capture 14MP photo and 1080p video.

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Designed and built in-house at the MaRRS workshop, the Long Endurance Marine Hexacopter is collapsible for easy storage and transportation. It is capable of extended flight times and fine scale data collection.

We use multirotor UAS in the study of individual animal behavior, photogrammetry and for biological sampling.