Course Presenters and Panelists

Lead Instructor: Chris Zinkhan – Chief Executive Officer The Forestland Group LLC

Stephen Addicott – Partner, Stafford Capital Partners

Tom Blake – Managing Director, Pöyry Capital Limited

Thomas Bentzen – Due Diligence Manager, The International Woodland Co.

Tony Cascio – Director Client Account Management – Hancock Timber Resource Group

Céline Claudon – Director of Client Relations, The International Woodland Co.

Brian Dangler – Director, Working Forest Fund, The Conservation Fund

Willem Enthoven – Managing Director, FBR & Co.

Corey Ficke – Partner, Ernst & Young

Timo Fritzinger, Investment Director, Alta Advisers Ltd.

Victor Haley – Partner, Eversheds Sutherland

Hunter Jenkins – Managing Director and Senior Vice President-Dispositions The Forestland Group LLC

Tom Johnson – Managing Director at Timberland Investment Resources LLC

Scott R. Jones – President, Forest Capital Partners

Brent Keefer – Managing Director and President, Hancock Timber Resource Group

Daniel R. McKeithen  Partner, Eversheds Sutherland

Celedonio Moncayo  Pöyry Capital Limited

Pavel Nesvedov – Associate Director, Ernst & Young LLP

Peter O’Neill – Head of Asset Management, Sustainable Irish Forestry Fund

Christian Röckemann, CEO, First Forest GmbH

Blake Stansell – Senior Vice President-Investments The Forestland Group LLC

Tom Skaggs – Senior Program Underwriting Manager, Outdoor Underwriters, Inc.

Bret Vicary – Vice President, James W. Sewall Co.