Meet the Team

2018-2019 Sustainability Board team


President: Tara Early

Tara is a second year MEM-EEH student serving as Duke Sustainability board’s secretary. She grew up at the beach but spent the past 6 years living in the Appalachian Mountains where she worked as an aquatic conservation ecologist. After finishing at Duke, she would like to work in the intersect of toxicology and environmental justice. When not in the classroom you can find her exploring the outdoors or lost in a good book.


Vice President: Sneha Balsubramanian

Sneha is serving as Duke Sustainability Board’s vice president. She is from India and went to undergrad in Hong Kong. She’s interested in working in corporate responsibility, alternative packaging solutions and end-of-life management of products. In her down time, you’ll find her reading a good book with a cup of hot chai. 


Treasurer: Rachel Bash

Rachel is the Treasurer for Duke Sustainability. She is a first year MEM student with a concentration in Water Resources Management.  She completed her BA with a double major in Chemistry and Psychology and a minor in Neuroscience at St. Olaf College in Minnesota. Rachel loves recycling, enjoying the outdoors, and eating good food.


Secretary: Layne Marshall

Layne is a second year MEM- EEP student serving as the Duke Sustainability Board’s secretary. She’s passionate about environmental policy, public lands, and sustainability education. She loves hiking in NC’s mountains and exploring Durham’s restaurants.


Communication and Outreach Coordinators: Sarah Fromm

Sarah Fromm is serving as a communication and outreach coordinator. She is from New York City, and she attended Hamilton College where I studied Economics and Environmental Studies. At Duke, she is pursuing a Masters of Environmental Management, concentrating in Business and the Environment. After graduation, she hopes to pursue a career in corporate sustainability. Outside of the classroom, she loves to hike, travel and try new food spots! 


Communication and Outreach Coordinators: Ben McCormack

Ben is serving as a communication and outreach coordinator. He is concentrating in Business and Environment with a focus on corporate sustainability. He has a growing orchid and air plant collection that he wants to one day use to fill a homemade greenhouse. He’s happiest when eating yummy food and is dying to adopt a dog when he’s less busy. 


Sustainable Duke Liaison: Cam Adams

Cam is serving as the sustainable duke liaison. He is originally from the Boston area but came to Duke by way of Maine, where he spent the last 8 years completing his undergraduate degree and working in the environmental field. Cam graduated from Bowdoin College in 2014 with a degree in Earth and Oceanographic Science and is pursuing an MEM at Duke concentrating in Coastal Environmental Management. When he’s not busy with school, Cam can often be found in the outdoors, where he enjoys canoeing, sea kayaking, hiking, and snowboarding. 


First Year Representatives: Connie Xiong

Connie is serving as a first-year representative. She is interested in the effects of industrial pollutants on human health, especially concerning vulnerable populations. She has been passionate about sustainability since her sophomore year in college where she was struck by a couple of environmental documentaries about plastic waste in the ocean and people getting cancer because of the location they live. She thinks sustainability ultimately affects everyone. And I want to be part of Duke Sustainability Board to make people aware of the current environmental problems and engage them in the conversation. Besides sustainability, she also likes cooking, especially trying new recipes and making them her own. She is more of an ocean person than a mountain person. She used to live in San Diego where she could easily go to the beach.


First Year Representatives: Anna Chang

Anna is serving as a first-year representative. She is a first-year MEM with a concentration in Business and Environment. She is very interested in corporate sustainability, energy-efficient supply chains, and the connection between green design and consumer health. Anna grew up on the east coast in Chesapeake, Virginia and completed her undergrad degree at the University of Notre Dame.


International Representative: Vicky Jia

Vicky is serving as the international representative. She is a first-year MEM with a concentration in Ecosystem Science and Conservation. She grew up in Beijing, and went to college in Los Angeles, where she received a bachelor’s degree in Geography/Environmental Studies with a minor in Geospatial Information Systems and Technologies. She is interested in applying geospatial science to studying climate change and climate resilience. As an international representative, she would like to hear from international students about their concerns over the sustainability and invite international students to get involved in more sustainable events!