Research on the river, part 2

By Savannah Volkoff and Gretchen Kroeger


In a post last week, we shared PART 1 of a series telling the story of Virginia’s Elizabeth River. This week we’ll be sharing the rest of the story. We decided to break the story up into 3 pieces for a few reasons:

Reason 1:

It’s a long story! And we didn’t want to bore you…The story includes over 100 years of human activity on the river and decades of research being done to understand how the river is impacted. There’s a lot to tell, and we want you to hear as much of it as possible.

Reason 2:

The story is easily broken up into 3 pieces, at least right now.

  1. The History of the Elizabeth River,
  2. The Research on the Elizabeth River, and
  3. The Restoration of the River Elizabeth River.

Reason 3:

It’s the best way for us to make sure you can connect what’s happening on the Elizabeth River with your specific interests.

In this particular part, you’ll learn about how Duke University is working to better understand how fish are being affected by a river polluted with PAHs.

Click the video below, sit back, and listen to the story.