Posts by Edward D. Levin, PhD

The following are the collected posts of Edward Levin, PhD. He is the PI of Project 1 for the Superfund Research Center and leader of the Center’s Neural and Behavioral Toxicity Assessment (NBTA) Core.


Dr. Levin has published widely in a variety of environmental health journals, and is a regular contributor to the Duke University Superfund Research Center blog.

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 March 15, 2018: Environmental Health and Civic Responsibility

November 30, 2016: The Complex Nature of “No Effect”

November 2, 2016: Smoking Addiction and Climate Change: Denial, Resignation, and Responsibility

October 3, 2016: The Complex Reality of Scientific Progress: Why the Public Benefits From an Integrated Approach to Science Reporting

September 2, 2016: Fighting the Fires of Toxic Exposure: Preventing, Limiting, and Treating Toxicant-Induced Damage

August 2, 2016: Essen and Monessen: Production, Destruction, and the Process of Renewal