By Rosie Rushing, Analytical Chemistry Core Summer Intern   When I first joined the Analytical Chemistry Core (ACC) as an intern this summer, I wasn’t sure which project I would be working on. In fact, the cool thing about the ACC as an intern is that it provides important analyses […]

From Foam to Drywall: My Journey in the Analytical Chemistry ...

By Caroline Reed, Summer Intern in Dr. Joel Meyer’s lab   As an undergraduate student, I always knew I wanted to be involved in research. I was passionate about environmental issues but found the most opportunity and excitement in biomedical research settings. As a result, I quickly (and somewhat obliviously) […]

Where Micro Meets Macro: What C. elegans Means for North ...

A team of local health educators will begin outreach this weekend to promote behavior changes for reducing contaminant exposure and safer ways to catch, clean, and cook fish from the Northeast Cape Fear River. By Emma Bilecky, CEC Summer Intern   North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services fish […]

CEC Launches “Stop, Check, Enjoy” Campaign For Subsistence Fish Consumers

This picture of earth taken by the Apollo 10 astronauts from their voyage to the moon nearly fifty years ago brings home how close together we all live. This beautiful orb of blue, white, green and brown spins amidst the stark blackness of space. Our environment that supports all life […]

Environmental Health and Civic Responsibility

By Jimena Perez-Viscasillas, MEM Student Assistant Since moving to Durham from Puerto Rico to start my Master’s degree in Environmental Management at Duke, one of the most interesting elements of North Carolina I have observed has been the evident history behind its local buildings. Six months ago, I did not […]

Engaging a Community around a Former Industrial Site: My Experience ...