DUSRC Environmental Engineers Work Together to Understand Common Pollutants

Check out this re-post from the Duke Pratt School of Engineering about the Duke University Superfund Center’s unique approach to assessing low-dose, early life exposures and later life consequences through the incredible interdisciplinary work of researchers in Civil and Environmental Engineering as we enter into the fourth funding cycle of the Duke University Superfund Research Program.

View the story at: http://cee.duke.edu/about/news/studying-superfunds-duke-environmental-engineers-investigate-how-super-polluted-areas 

Superfund Center investigators Claudia Gunsch, PhD, and Helen Hsu-Kim, PhD, and Lee Ferguson, PhD, are featured in the article. Dr. Gunsch is a Principal Investigator on Project 5 of the Duke University Superfund Center and Dr. Hsu Kim is a co-PI on the project. Dr. Ferguson and Dr. Hsu-Kim are associated with the Center’s Analytical Chemistry Core.

Investigators at the Center are hard at work to find solutions that address pollution at Superfund sites while considering the consequences of those engineered solutions.  Above all, their research highlights the value and importance of collaborative, interdisciplinary efforts to address environmental health concerns.