Duke CEC completes ‘Gardening Safely’ video series

The Community Engagement Core is proud to share the ‘Gardening Safely’ video series! These videos were created in collaboration with NC Cooperative Extension. We are planning events and in discussions to share these videos and their valuable information more broadly among the gardening community in North Carolina.

These brief videos discuss:

  • Video 1: what chemical soil contaminants are, where they come from, and how they can get into your garden soil
  • Video 2: ways that we can be exposed to these contaminants while gardening and potential health risks
  • Video 3: how you can learn more about your garden site and past land uses, along with when and how to go about testing your garden soil for contaminants
  • Video 4: simple actions you can take to limit exposure to garden in a safe and healthy manner

For more information on how you can garden safely, you can visit our community engagement core website, or visit NC State Cooperative Extension.

This project is supported through the NIEHS P42 Multiproject Center Grant program, grant number P42ES010356. These videos were created by Wil Weldon III of Growler Visual Media, LLC.