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By Dr. Andrew Hawkey, Postdoctoral Associate–Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences On a perfect sunny day in late October, groups of AP science students from Orange High School put down their textbooks and headed for the woods.  We gathered by the Riverwalk in downtown Hillsborough, NC to meet with experts who monitor […]

Water Bugs: Engaging Students in Environmental Assessment and Stewardship

  By Abigail Joyce, PhD — Analytical Chemistry Core Manager   As Hurricane Florence approached North Carolina’s coast, much of state hunkered down for the severe weather to come. Though some locations were somewhat spared, the storm brought as much as 30 inches of rain to some coastal communities in […]

Dispatches from the field: Duke Superfund conducts water sampling after ...

Hurricane Florence caused widespread flooding and destruction throughout the Carolinas and parts of Virginia. Officials are still in the early stages of evaluating the full impact of the storm, but it’s clear from reports of coal ash spills, flooded hog waste lagoons, and the inundation of hazardous waste sites that […]

Hurricane Florence Presents Environmental Health Challenges for the Carolinas

By Eva Greengrove, Summer Intern in Dr. Edward Levin’s lab   This summer, I worked with the Levin lab at the Duke University Superfund Research Center to investigate the behavioral effects of the organophosphate insecticide called diazinon. Although some animal studies have shown demonstrated health effects, neurodevelopment and behavior impacts […]

Can A Pesticide Change The Way We Behave?