Arysta to stop manufacturing MIDAS (methyl iodide)

This week, Arysta LifeScience made the decision to halt the manufacture of MIDAS (methyl iodide) in the United States.  Methyl iodide is commonly used as a pesticide on strawberries.  Dr. Ted Slotkin, one of our lead researchers, was involved in this process by providing expert testimony on the health effects of methyl iodide.

Methyl iodide has been used as a pesticide in the US since the EPA approved of its use in 2007.  Currently manufactured by Arysta LfeScience, it is sold under the brand name MIDAS and also registered in Mexico, Morocco, Japan, Turkey, and New Zealand, with pending registrations in many other countries.


You can read the story in the Monterey County Weekly or the New York Times and read read Arysta’s press release.

Watch Dr. Slotkin’s testimony!