Document Review Checklist – Revising


Revising Your Own Work

Steps for Reverse Outlining

  1. Finish drafting a section of your document.
  2. Write down the main point of each paragraph.
  3. Assess whether you have presented the main points in the most intuitive or effective order.
  4. Determine whether you have repeated any main points.
  5. Determine whether you have omitted any main points.
  6. Flag any paragraphs that present more than one main point.
  7. Reorder your document.
  8. Rewrite, modify, or separate any paragraphs that present more than one point.
  9. Finish your next draft and begin the process again.
  10. When you are ready, have someone else provide feedback on your draft.


Revising the Work of Others

Have you…

  • Identified strengths and weaknesses of the document?
  • Provided specific examples of those strengths and weaknesses?
  • Assessed higher-order concerns, such as document organization and thesis sentences?
  • Assessed lower-order concerns, such as word choice, spelling, and grammar?
  • Given generous, but assertive feedback?