Document Review Checklist – Audience


Have you…

  • Identified your primary audience?

    • Your primary audience might be the majority of readers, the neediest readers, or the readers with most authority.
  • Identified your secondary audience?

    • Your secondary audience includes other readers or stakeholders that were not identified as the primary audience.
  • Identified key characteristics of your readers?

    • Key characteristics of your readers might include their age, gender, education, employer, livelihood, and culture. For each document, you should identify a unique set of key characteristics.
  • Considered your readers’ objectives?

    • Your readers’ objectives include their general goals or aims that are not always directly related to your document. For example, a lawyer’s aim might be to prosecute illegal activity.
  • Considered your readers’ knowledge base?

    • Your reader’s knowledge base usually includes their formal education and career experience.
  • Identified the content that your readers want to know?

    • Content includes topics of interest, specific facts and figures, and directions.
  • Considered your readers’ tolerance for detail?

    • A reader’s tolerance for detail may include their ability to grapple with specific statistics, definitions, and legal language.
  • Decided which audiences need to be addressed separately or together?

    • Some audiences (or users) can be address together, depending on their needs.