Twitter – Best Practices


How to use this space as a rising professional

  • Learn by exchanging views, materials and updates with diverse groups in your or related fields
  • Stay current with breaking news, research, and quirky conversations in your field(s)
  • Know what matters to companies or employers that interest you
  • Share new research you’ve conducted that adds value to your field(s)

Key terminology

  • Tweet: A message of 140 characters (or less – see Best Practices)
  • Re-tweet: re-share a status update from someone else on your own feed.
  • Hashtag: word or abbreviation in a Tweet with a # in front of it. Hashtags are a way to categorize your tweets, and they allow others looking for related material to find your tweets.
  • At-Reply: Respond to someone by preceding your message with @USERNAME (ex: @NSOE)
  • Direct message: a private communication between yourself and a follower

Tips to get started

  • Use the discovery tab – a starting snapshot, or a refresher, of the range of material
  • Get comfortable with the hashtag – this categorizes the tweet so that you can track it, and others can find it. If you’re using a hashtag that someone has already been created, then your tweet will appear on any feeds following that topic/issue/idea/hashtag. Using multiple hashtags expands your reach, but don’t go crazy – you only have 140 characters and your tweets should have substance.
  • Follow people, and if someone follows you, it’s good manners to follow them back.

Best practices

  • Do not post personal material (i.e. how your night went)
  • Do not engage in aggressive conversation
  • Talk to people (respond, ask, comment, re-tweet)
  • Promote people
    • Retweeting someone and adding an image can “supercharge” their tweet, making you both look good. Here’s how.
  • Limit tweets to 125 characters, it makes it easier for others to re-tweet you.
  • Include a link. You should always connect your commentary to something in your field.
  • Be concise and clear; don’t make up spellings just to squeeze into the character limit.
  • Note: average age on Twitter is slightly higher (25-55) than most social media. Tweet like an adult.


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