Facebook – Best Practices

Facebook  (FB) began as a social networking tool for college students, and although the company’s model is expanding the platform has not definitively been accepted by the business community. Companies are increasingly launching their own pages and profiles, but individuals are not doing this with clear business intent. This page includes information to help you decide how you want to be perceived on Facebook, and how to manage a professional profile.

What this space is for

You decide; it is a hybrid space were individuals post personal stories, opinions, and news related to their professional interests. It is not officially a recruiting platform but many employers, recruiters and future colleagues use it to casually get a sense of a person. Keep this in mind when posting material and reaching out to others.

Tips to get started

  • Decide whether your Facebook page will be for a personal or professional audience
    • Even if you decide that it’s for a personal audience, assume that a savvy recruiter can still find your page. Manage content accordingly.
  • Adjust your privacy settings to a level that is comfortable for you.

Best practices

For the average user

  • Avoid aggressive language, including political rants or cryptic messages
  • Read/view your content from a potential employer’s perspective before posting. Posting personal content is fine, but avoid content that could be seen as linking you to legally or morally questionable activity.
  • Remember that viewers can see what groups and events you are a part of.
  • Note: average age is 41, and 65% of users are over 35.

For the professional user

  • If you want to be noticed or join a professionally-inspired group:
    • Limit posts to 100-250 characters, or less than 3 lines of text
    • Post material that is relevant to recent events
    • Use images – engagement rates are about 39% higher when images are included
    • Avoid over-posting; businesses are advised that users unsubscribe when posts exceed 3/day
    • Most Facebook users check their account outside of business hours. Post during these times if you’re trying to establish a following.