Kim Corcoran

Credit: John Nussbaum


I am a Master of Environmental Management candidate pursuing the Coastal Environmental Management (CEM) Concentration. Before coming to Duke, I worked as a Marine Mammal and Aquatic Research Professional Intern at the Seas at Walt Disney World in Florida where I assisted with Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin cognitive and acoustic research. On the Aquatic Research team, I completed a personal research project on coral habitat suitability, determining what light conditions corals thrive best under in human care.

I graduated from Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Studies in 2018. While in Undergrad, I spent a semester in Australia stu
dying at James Cook University where I researched oceanographic influences on zooplankton distribution and abundance on the Great Barrier Reef. I am interested in marine conservation and translating science into policy. I look forward to continuing studying the coral reef environment while at Duke and learning how to incorporate my research into production coral reef conservation strategies.


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