Anjali Boyd

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Anjali graduated from Eckerd College in 2019 with a B.S. in Marine Science. She has conducted research in a variety of marine systems while exploring a diversity of topics, from the habitat association of bottlenose dolphins to the effects of mesopredators on seagrass growth and community structure.

As a marine community ecologist, Anjali’s research is focused on testing and advancing co-existence theory with field experiments with the applied objective of increasing the resilience and productivity of foundation species. Foundation species form the base for many vital marine ecosystems, in addition to providing
habitat for hundreds of commercially and recreationally important species. In recent years, foundations species have been rapidly declining globally. Anjali’s research examines how species interactions (both intra and inter) and physical forces interact to regulate the recovery of foundation species. Currently, she is examining the mesopredator release hypothesis in marshes and seagrasses and the effects of marine soundscapes and biochemical cues on oyster recruitment, settlement, growth, and productivity. Ultimately, Anjali aspires to develop novel ecosystem-based restoration and management practices to restore foundation species world-wide.