Alyssa Adler

Alyssa Adler is a 2012 graduate from Oregon State University, where she earned her bachelor’s of science in Biology with a Chemistry minor. She is a Ph.D. student at Duke University in the Silliman lab, and an NSF Graduate Research Fellow.

For the past several years, Alyssa has dipped heavily into the role of scientific communication, working globally as an underwater videographer and ocean educator in remote marine ecosystems. This time spent on oceans worldwide has constructed an extensive curiosity in marine environments and global conservation. Alyssa is interested in trophic ecology, specifically in kelp forest ecosystems. She will investigate how vast latitudinal changes may alter habitat dynamics in kelp forests and grazer-plant interactions across marine ecosystems. She hopes to not only increase conservation strategies in kelp forest ecosystems and temperate marine communities, but work towards more effective communication and action between scientists, politicians, and the general public.