Shineng Hu

Assistant Professor
Research: Climate dynamics, Air-sea interaction, Past and future climate changes

Shizuo Liu

Postdoc, 2022 –
Research: Ocean salinity, ENSO, snow

Mengxin Pan

Postdoc (co-mentored by William Pan), 2022 –
Research: Atmospheric river, Climate-malaria link

Xiang Li

Postdoc, 2023 –
Research: Ocean interbasin interaction, Paleoclimate modeling

Tianying Liu

Postdoc, 2023 –
Research: Atmospheric river

Yiqun Tian

Ph.D. Student, 2021 –
Research: Tropical ocean warming pattern

Tian Xu

Ph.D. Student, 2022 –
Research: Glacial cycle, Land warming pattern

Xinyi Zhou

Master Student, 2024 –
Research: Climate in Southeast US vs Southeast China

Laura Cai

Undergraduate Student, Class of 2026
Research: Reconstruction of ocean surface winds

Emanuel Lopez Gallegos

Undergraduate Student, Class of 2025
Research: Caribbean rainfall

Julia Kourelakos

Undergraduate Student, Class of 2025, Climate Science Scholarship
Research: Hawaiian rainfall

Yiwen Zhang

Visiting Ph.D. Student (Fudan University), 2022 –
Research: Southern Ocean, Sea level

Haoyu Wang

Visiting Ph.D. Student (Institute of Oceanology), 2023 –
Research: Observation-informed future climate projection

Xiao Ma

Visiting Ph.D. Student (Shanghai Jiao Tong University), 2023 –
Research: Atlantic barrier layer

Group alumni:

Claire Andreasen (UG, 2023)

Emily Nagamoto (UG, 2021-2022)

Sunny Li (UG, 2021-2022)

Chang Yan (UG, 2021-2022)

Kushagra Ghosh (UG, 2021)

Shuo Fu (Visiting PhD, 2021-2023)