Episode 33 – Terry the Tree and The Live Oak and The Wind

In this third installment of a three episode series, Spencer Moyle reads his story of Terry the Tree and Rory McCollum follows with The Live Oak and the Wind. Both stories were written as part of a Duke Engage program exploring concepts of social and ecological resilience.  The program was run by Dr. Liz DeMattia, director of the Community Science Initiative, with the assistance of PhD student Laura Givens, who was the site coordinator for Duke Engage, in 2022.  Following the ‘reading’, Laura interviews the authors on their experiences in the program and how they crafted their stories.

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Series Hosts

Lauren Givens head shot

Laura Givens is a PhD candidate in Dr. Tom Schultz’s Marine Conservation and Molecular Facility at the Duke Marine Lab. The focus of her research generally takes advantage of advances in genomic technologies to address community response to environmental change. Her current research uses environmental DNA to examine the success of oyster reef restoration and the extent to which introducing aquaculture supplements biodiversity. Laura graduated with a B.S. in Biology from California State University, Sacramento in 2018 and has received the Smithsonian Graduate Student Fellowship. She co-leads the coastal branch of the Scientific Research and Education Network and in her free time enjoys painting and beach walks with her dog. 


Twitter: @LGivens27 

Lauren Givens head shot

Dr. Liz DeMattia is a Research Scientist at the Duke University Marine Lab and the founding director of DUML’s Community Science Initiative. Liz has more than 25 years of experience conducting ecological research and developing environmental outreach for community-based conservation programs. When not working on education and conservation programs, Liz can be found swimming in the ocean, hiking in the forest, or hanging out with her family.



Spencer Moyle, author of ‘Terry the Tree’

Spencer Moyle photo

Spencer Moyle is a Junior at Duke University from Westhampton, New York. He is an Environmental Science and Policy major and an Economics minor. This summer he worked on Duke Engage with the Core Sound Museum and Carteret County Public Schools, fostering community and conservation. He loved his time at the Marine Lab and hopes he’ll be back soon. 

Rory McCollum, author of ‘The Live Oak and the Wind’

Rory McCollum photo

Rory McCollum is a second year Coastal Environmental Management student with interests in community outreach and education outside of academia.  

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/aurora-mccollum/ 

Maggie Murray, illustrator

Maggie Murray at work

Maggie Murray is a sophomore at East Carteret High School in Carteret County, NC and volunteered to bring the Duke Engage fables to life with her illustrations. The illustrations were completed with water colors and ink pen. When not drawing and painting, Maggie can be found playing her violin, swimming, or listening to true crime podcasts. 

Drawing of Terry the Tree
Drawing of The Live Oak and the Wind

Find the illustrated version of the story ‘Terry the Tree andThe Live Oak and The Windhere.

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